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The Mobile Service is a travelling children’s service providing long day care to children aged 0-6 years in rural areas. Currently the villages serviced are Cargo, Mandurama, Gooloogong, Morongla, Greenethorpe & Koorawatha. Venues within these villages include town halls. All of the venues have been licensed by the Department of Education and Communities where the Children’s Services Officers assess them on their standard and whether they meet regulations.

Early childhood professionals provide children with programs meeting their individual needs and interests.

The Mobile Service is joint funded by the Commonwealth & State Governments and charges a minimal fee to cover costs. The service is managed by a voluntary Management Committee, involving parents and interested community members.

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In 2009 the Preschool Investment and Reform Plan Growth Phase began and an additional $29.8 million per annum was provided as recurrent funding to enable expansion of preschool programs throughout the children’s services sector within NSW. The Cowra Early Childhood Mobile Service was lucky enough to qualify and receive funds for this expansion project to take place.

The Mobile Preschool Service was set up in July 2010 to meet the ever-increasing need of Preschool care for 3-5year old's located in rural and remote Central West NSW.

The Preschool Program offers specific programs, experiences and challenges to further assist the children’s developing skills especially in the year prior to formal schooling. Quality preschool education sets the foundations for cognitive, physical, emotional, social and language development. While preschool education is an important experience in itself, it also provides children with an invaluable foundation for their entry into formal schooling.


To access our Service Handbook please click here.

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