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Carinya is a 59 place long day care and occasional care children’s service which provides education and care to children aged 6 weeks to school age. 

Carinya provides 3 age-based play environments for children;

Sam’s Room - 6 weeks to 3 years

Wattle Room - 3 to 4 years

Preschool Room – 4 years to school age



Hours of Operation

Carinya provides education and care 50 weeks of the year,

closing for approximately 2 weeks over the end of year period.

Hours of operation are; 

Monday to Friday 8am – 6pm


To access our Family Handbook please click here.

Carinya’s Philosophy

Carinya Educators Value:

Children, Families and Professionals

Educators and staff value children as active members of the community and respect their participation, play and voices. Family’s knowledge of their children’s growth and development is valued and respected within planning and all aspects of the service. Carinya’s educators promote and respect children’s right to learn and the value of quality early childhood education and care for lifelong learning. Educator’s professionalism and knowledge within the sector is valued in implementing exceeding programs for children. 

 Curriculum and Practice

Carinya’s early childhood programs and routines allow children to learn through playful experiences. Focusing on children’s wellness and wellbeing, aspects of the program include building capable, resilient, autonomous and independent children, through curiosity, safe risk taking, exploration, imagination, creativity and mutual respect. Carinya’s programs promote inclusion for all children, families, educators and the community, recognising diversity and implementing a culture of equity and equality for each person and family.

 Interactions and Relationships

 Professional, qualified educators build positive, nurturing and collaborative relationships with each child and family. Strategies such as intentional teaching, research, observation and scaffolding, nurture learning and positive relationships between children, families and educators.


Children have the right to play and learn in a safe and trusting environment. An environment that is aesthetically pleasing, promotes inclusion and fairness for all. Carinya’s environments are home like and display appreciation and harmony for natural materials and sustainable practices. The cultures of families and those represented in the local community, including the local Aboriginal community, are incorporated into Carinya’s environments, resources and programs.











   Carinya is licensed with the Department of Education.

   Our curriculum is guided by the National Quality Framework, comprising;

  * National Quality Standards

  * Early Years Learning Framework

  * Early Childhood education and Care Regulations and Law 

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