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Cowra Family Day Care began in 1985 to provide affordable childcare in a home environment.

As one of five services which comprise Cowra Early Childhood Services Cooperative Ltd, Family Day Care is a not-for-profit community-based organisation, made up of a network of qualified and trained educators who provide early and middle childhood care and education in their own homes. These small businesses are registered, approved and monitored by a Coordination Unit. Approval is renewed annually.


Family Day Care can provide flexible hours of care including long day care, before or after school care, school holiday care, rostered care, and under certain circumstances, overnight care. Educators set their own fees within a fee range set by the coordination unit.






The Family Day Care Coordination Unit, at 20 Comerford Street, is responsible for the day to day management and effective operation of the scheme. This includes recruiting, training and supporting educators to ensure they meet the requirements of licensing, regulations and the National Quality Standards. It also matches families with suitable childcare that meets their individual needs, provides on-going information and support, and administers child care subsidies.

Cowra Family Day Care currently has 17 registered educators; 10 in Cowra, 2 in Blayney, 1 in Millthorpe, 2 in Young and 2 farm-based educators near Greenethorpe and Broula.

Staffing consists of a Coordinator/ Nominated Supervisor, and a Support Coordinator/ Educational Leader, who are supported by the CECS Administration Department.


CECS Family Day Care operates under the National Quality Framework (NQF)